A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A stealth/puzzle platformer with comic RPG elements, where you play as a goblin trying to escape from a team of greedy adventurers. Handcrafted levels with delightful pixel art and carefully programmed interactions: climb walls, hang from chains, push barrels onto the heads of your enemies, lure them into traps with the promise of gold coins…

Alpha version 0.6

Alpha v0.6 for Windows can be downloaded here for free! This includes half of the official storyline (i.e. 10 maps), as well as the map editor. It does not include access to the online map-sharing server. For Mac, the downloadable version is a much earlier demo build v0.1.

Now Available on Steam

We are now in Early Access on Steam:


Goblin versus the Greedy Adventurers

Goblins & Grottos will come with a built-in campaign, starting with the death of your family and following your progress through dungeon levels until you reach the surface world and escape. While the adventurers level up and get better equipment and skills, the goblin does not. That's hardly fair is it? And all they seem to care about is the amount of xp they'll get by killing you!

Level Editor and Online Sharing

A core part of the game will be the built-in level editor and online sharing facility. Build your own levels, share them with the world, and play other people's levels! Define the traps, puzzles, and adventurers in your level.. define their skills and what chat they say as things happen to them. You will even be able to add a story to your level through the other creatures, scrolls and books you put in it.

We're still working on the game. We were greenlit after just a few days in July 2015, and the game is now available as Early Access on Steam:



Goblins & Grottos Demo v0.1 (Mac) (33 MB)
Goblins & Grottos Alpha 0.6 (Windows) (46 MB)


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This looks fun. Is there a way to purchase it outside of Steam?

Not yet, but we're going to put the game on the Humble Store soon